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Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions

  1. The client should telephone to check availability of the holiday that the client desires.
  2. The client must fill in a booking form and return it with a deposit of 25% of the full cost of the holiday within 10days for the booking to be accepted as provisionally booked.
  3. Full balance of the payment is due 56 days prior to the holiday commencement.
  4. Should the client need to cancel the holiday, full payment is still due.  For this reason the client is required to subscribe to some form of sickness cancellation insurance, which will normally refund the monies if the cancellation is on medical grounds and the client can provide a doctors certificate.  Pre-existing conditions are not normally covered under a policy.
  5. Most holidays require a minimum amount of people to make them viable.  Should we fail to reach the minimum numbers required on the client’s holiday, or any event in our opinion renders the holiday unsafe, we reserve the right to either return the clients monies without further compensation or offer the client an alternative holiday.  We would normally try to give the client a months notice in such an event.
  6. If the client requires transportation from their home to the venue (either in whole or in part) this request must be entered clearly on the booking form and we will notify the client if this is possible.  All such travel request must be submitted in writing.  The client will be required to pay the additional cost of transport.  This service is entirely at our discretion and based on availability.
  7. Invoices will normally be sent directly to the client unless it is indicated on the booking form that it is to be sent to a third party.
  8. The client’s holiday is inclusive of support, providing always that we are informed of the true nature of the clients needs and abilities, which must include details of behavioural needs and any behaviour that may prove unacceptable to members of the public (please note we only refuse to take a client if we feel we cannot support their needs).  In the event that the client develops or displays physically challenging, threatening and/or disruptive behaviour, we reserve the right to terminate the holiday and return them (the client) to their residence at the client’s expense.  In any of these circumstances no refunds or compensation will be paid to the client and we may make a claim against the client for any costs or expenses incurred as a result of such behaviour.
  9. The holiday board is as described.  Accommodation will normally be in a shared room (normally 2 or 3 in a room).  Single rooms are sometimes available, for which there is an extra charge and should be requested at time of booking.
  10. Holidays begin at the venue or at an airport or port as notified.  It is the client’s responsibility to ensure they are at the departure point or venue in plenty of time and although we would always endeavour to wait as long as possible, we cannot be held responsible if we have to begin the holiday without the client due to their late arrival.  It is also the clients responsibility to ensure they are met at the venue or arrivals point at the port or airport promptly and appropriately.
  11. Clients are requested not to bring excessive or inappropriate luggage.  Soft bags are requested instead of suitcases for some holidays; please check your confirmation letter.  Luggage space is often limited, so we request that clients only bring one item of luggage with them and restrict it to a medium size suitcase or equivalent.  Wheelchairs and personal aids or large items of luggage should be advised to us in writing before the commencement of the holiday.
  12. We do not agree to care for the clients luggage, that is the clients responsibility, we will however agree to assist the client with their luggage at their request or as needs arise but cannot accept liability for it or for any damage howsoever caused.  For this reason we recommend the client takes out insurance, which we can arrange on the clients behalf if requested on booking.
  13. The holiday also includes outings to points of interest or activities most days of the holiday.  The client is responsible for the cost of these, (see holiday description for any outings included in the price).  The client would normally be given the opportunity to influence the type and nature of these and all meals out from a choice indicated to the client at the time.  If the client indicates they require meals above the choice we offer, then the difference between the cost are the responsibility of the client.  Please see individual holiday description.
  14. Not included are drinks, snacks, personal item of expenditure such as cards, gifts, sweets etc.  Transport to and from home to the meeting point or venue, medical expenses, postage, telephone calls, room service at hotels, laundry, anything not specifically included and notified to the client in writing as part of the package are excluded and for which cost the client is liable.  The client must ensure they have sufficient monies to meet these needs.  We also do not include in our cost personal travel insurance or cancellation insurance or taxes as may be levied by governments (excepting airport tax notified to us at the time of booking the flights) or tips.
  15. We will endeavour to send details of travel times, meeting points, clothes lists and other information in good time for the client’s holiday, however, we must advise the client that their flight times are subject to change at short notice and are out of our control.  It is the clients responsibility to confirm travel details with us prior to the departure date, in writing.
  16. The client is responsible for ensuring they have a valid passport and visas if required for the holiday.  If requested we will arrange for the safe keeping of such items and small amounts of currency provided it is understood that we will not be held liable for their loss or damage and that these items are insured.
  17. Smoking is not allowed in any vehicle or accommodation except in certain public areas.  This restriction is at the request of clients and for their health and safety.  Smokers can negotiate with us on this matter.
  18. Excursions where included in the package are generally chosen by a majority vote of the clients on that holiday from a selection offered to them by us at the beginning of the holiday.  Clients would generally be expected to participate in all excursions unless there is sufficient staff available to escort them as well as those clients taking part in the excursion.  If a client “opts out” of any excursion it may not be possible to provide an alternative or offer a refund.  Please note that the term client means the person taking part in the holiday or the person or organisation who undertakes to make the booking on their behalf and is thereby deemed to be their representative.  The person signing the booking form is held contractually liable for the booking.  The booking of a holiday and completion of the booking form implies acceptance of these conditions.




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Terms & Conditions
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